Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why I took Facebook off my phone.

Hey party people! I hope you are having a great week and you aren't too stressed out this holiday season. If you are feeling like tossing your Christmas cookies out the window and locking yourself in a room till the New Year then stop over and read my post about keeping it all in perspective.

Anyhow, I am reading a book right now called The One Thing. I got it at the library last week and hope to finish it before Christmas if I can. But with little ones running around, nothing is guaranteed.

This book is wonderful. I recommend it to anyone. It is a great tool to help prioritize your life in a way that you aren't doing EVERYTHING but you are doing the most important thing. It centers around the question; What one thing can I do that will make everything else easy or unnecessary?

You can use this question in any area of your life, work, family, spirituality, health etc. The list could go on forever and I am finding that the areas intersect quite a bit too!

When I started looking at my own life as a mom, homemaker, writer and wife and all the goals I have gladly placed on my plate, I asked myself what the one thing is getting in my way of being able to focus on all of these things. The answer like many others was time. There is not enough time in the day to fulfill all my obligations, nurture my family, myself and other relationships while accomplishing the additional goals I have set.

So I asked myself the magic question, what is one thing I can do right now, that will make everything else easier or unnecessary? The answer that I have always known but never whole heartedly followed through with was get rid of the time wasters. Which in my case is my pretty little magical iPhone.

I am the first to admit that my iPhone has made my life abundantly easier. I have knowledge about anything at the snap of a finger. I can find my way to Alaska in an instant and know every place I can stop for gas along the way.  I can check my bank account and buy new patio furniture in 5 minutes while I am waiting for the pizza I ordered to be delivered. It is a glorious thing and it's benefits are infinite.

However  with all these benefits comes a price and that price is time wasted looking at meaningless crap.  Anyone with a smartphone is guilty of it, period.

Well, I decided to take the law into my own hands and remove the Facebook app from my phone.  Not only that, I have been more strict about leaving my phone in my bedroom plugged in during the day, especially when I am with my kids.

This one little choice of mine has opened things up for me in all areas of my life.

* I have actually almost finished the book. I haven't finished a book in a week in almost 2 years.

*I have spent so much time nourishing my family with my attention. I have been more cognizant of time spent outside, reading to my girls, playing and being silly.

* I have had more time to plan meals, get my Christmas shopping done and keep up with the household chores.

*I have gladly been hitting the treadmill after I put both gals to bed at night.

* I have had more time to work on some projects I have going for myself right now.

Because I gave up these time wasters,  I have been able to focus on all of these other things that directly correlate with my quality of life. It is true too that when you become productive in one area,  it snowballs into other areas as well.

Honestly, I don't miss it one bit. I haven't been on Facebook once today and haven't thought twice about it.

What is your one thing?


  1. I've definitely noticed how much time I've been wasting on Facebook lately. I love that it's like news updates about friends and family, but checking every hour is a little excessive. There are plenty of other things to do instead! Thanks for the tip : )

  2. Hmmm , yeah, I waste a lot of time on it too. There are good things I learn, but a lot of nothing too. Good to think about. I think it has given us all ADD, like we can't have a moment of not being entertained.

  3. I think this is a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! Good for you! I think it amazing that you made that commitment. I have thought about doing it numerous times, but have never taken the plunge. Hearing you say that you haven't missed it inspires me to try. Maybe I will make it my New Year's Resolution!

  5. I'm getting a smart phone for Christmas and I'm currently deciding what I am going to install on it.

  6. Good for you on leaving the phone in the bedroom, I am not sure why we let that little thing control so much of our lives but we do. My thing is the laptop and taking it with me when I go to bed, so now I am leaving the laptop downstairs and I am back to reading for a bit before I fall asleep, far more relaxing.


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