Sunday, December 1, 2013

Surviving the Holidays

I hope everyone had a fabulous Turkey Day and finds their waist size a few inches bigger today. Don't worry, this shall pass too. Take it in, enjoy the holiday season and feed your soul.

That's my motto this holiday season; feed your soul. 
This doesn't mean  stuffing your face till you have double chins, can't move and feel like the only way you can get from point A to point B is by rolling there. 

I mean feed the inside of you that is going to make you overflow with joy, whatever it takes. We can all get there if we choose to.

To me, feeding my soul means:

1. Eating food that will make me happy. Good food that makes me feel healthy, happy and full. This means homemade, non-processed food that has nutritional value and when it doesn't have nutritional value? Oh well, I deserve to eat pie and will do better next time. I am absolutely not going to beat myself up over eating during the holidays.  I will do my best to eat everything in moderation but sometimes my soul just needs a big ol' piece of cheesecake or apple pie. I don't do this the rest of the eleven months out of the year (unless I am knocked up then all bets are off) so to me, this one month is deserved and worth it. Life is too short, eat food that feeds your soul.

2. Feed my soul with the people in my life (no, I do not plan on eating them). I will embrace every moment with the ones I love, soak it in and let myself feel the happiness that radiates. Yes, my inner-hippy is peeking out right now, but seriously, honestly and urgently I speak to us all, enjoy the moment with  family and friends, you never know when you won't get the chance to. I am reminded that the last time I saw my brother was at Christmas and he died that next March. If I could go back and do things differently, I would.

 I will put my  guard down and just accept that I am deserving to have this love in my life (and so are you). I deserve these people just as much as  these people deserve to have the best me there is to offer. So, my phone will stay in my purse, I will get off the computer (except when I am writing to all of you and doing my Christmas shopping), stop worrying about money or other problems that might be nagging at me. These things will always be there to worry about later but these moments won't be.

3. Don't forget to keep myself active. With all the holiday food, stressors and busy schedule, I normally put my exercise on the back burner till I literally roll myself into  the new year. This year I hope to be different. My running is something I do to keep my body in shape but more than ever, these days I have been running to keep my mind and spirit fresh. It serves as such a great stress reliever for me. I never once come back from a run regretting it. To help, we hooked the treadmill up in the garage so we can still get our sweat on even if it is too cold. Talk about no excuses anymore!

4. Another way I plan on feeding my soul during the holidays is simply trying to remember what Christmas is all about. It is one of my favorite holidays and it is so easy for me to get wrapped up into the decorations, parties and gifts but really it isn't quite about that. It should be a time of thanks, loving and giving not only material things but my time, love, and happiness to my family within limits that I am comfortable with. Sometimes I just want to forget all the nonsense and sit on the couch with my family in matching jammy-jams looking at our tree. I need to be careful not to give so much of myself to others that there isn't anything left for my own enjoyment. It is a tricky thing to know how much is too much sometimes isn't it? A lot of times I find out a little too late. I plan on listening to my gut, remembering to say no when something doesn't feel right and move on being happy because I am allowed to set boundaries for myself without  feeling bad and guess what? So are you.

So all in all my friends, be kind to yourselves this holiday season. Forget about some of the bells and whistles and enjoy every ounce of family time given to you. Remember what the season is really all about.

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  1. This is a good concept to think about--right now, perhaps because it's a little early in the morning, I'm having a bit of a hard time really analyzing what it is that does make me overflow with joy from the inside out, but I know that time spent with people I love would be on the list!


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