Thursday, December 12, 2013

A post about nothing and then something kinda big….

So finally, after 11 days of germs, fevers and coughs (oh my!) we are back, healthy and ready to take on the world again! Just think, 1 more day and we could have made a Christmas movie out of it; The Twelve Days of Sneezing. All right, I realize how incredibly not funny and totally corny that was but sometimes that's just how it's gotta be!

Anyway, I am going to be honest with you, I've got nothing to say. I have now started writing three completely different posts only to delete everything after I realized they were crap. But all the experts say I need to write everyday and build my readership first before ever monetizing on any of my writing.  Do you agree?

So here we are, where does this leave us, today?

1. Completely blank starring at the screen.
2. I am thinking about the writing project I really am into right now (hint, it may have a front and back cover with a title page if it ever gets completed, or it could just be the longest blog post ever).
3. Maybe instead of writing such a shitty post, I should have just started working on the book, hindsight is a beautiful thing….
4. We got out of the house this morning because we had to return our library books and check out more. I felt like a raccoon seeing the light of day for the first time. My oldest obviously forgot how to act in public as she started screaming and running around the library during story time. She also ran into a man (she is afraid of men like a normal person is afraid of snakes) and started screeching at the top of her lungs and crying. She obviously didn't get the memo that people are reading….

So in a post about nothing I somehow came clean that I am writing a book. This is good that you know but also terrifying to me because now it is real, alive and daunting and I have forced myself into the position to

Thanks for that…



  1. Looking forward to hearing more about the book! I'm glad you made it through your 11 days of sneezing. The library scene made me laugh, because I'm not the mom. LOL

  2. haha! Love your sense of humor! Good luck with the book. I've become a follower so I can check your progress! See, I'll be on to you now!!

  3. Ha I laughed so hard at the 12 days of sneezing! So great!

  4. I love this!! haha.
    Especially the picture on "How to cure writers block". XD



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