Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Write Yourself Happy-10 things I love about my family (link-up)

Write Yourself Happy

Hey party people!
I have been a little absent this week because well, life happens and my mom was in town visiting and my dad is making the trip today to spend some time with us. Today's prompt is extra special to me because  this difficult little hump I am almost over *high five* and I am very excited to have my husband back and our family reunited again. Life without him has definitely been different and although I impressed myself with mental (and sometimes physical) strength it took to be a single stay at home mom for four months, he is very much missed. There is an empty place in our home without him. I appreciate everything he brings to our family, especially the laughter he provokes with the little ladies and besides, the lawn needs to be mowed!

This journal writing prompt really forced me to put all the stress and negativity to the side and to focus on what is great about my family (both the family I was born into and the family I made). Nothing is ever perfect, no family lives without struggles. What I took away from todays writing is that the most important thing is that we keep moving forward, making progress with our own personal growth as well as in our relationships with one another.

My marriage isn't perfect, I don't always deserve the mother of the year award and sometimes my parents drive me bat-shit crazy but I love them and am very thankful we are together.

I think it is important to note also that family to some isn't matched by DNA. I define family as the people you choose to have in your life as your support system. The people you choose to love and who choose to love you even when you aren't very lovable.  Family is whatever you make of it.

What are ten things you love about your family?

1. We laugh.
2. We forgive.
3. We strive to be better, no matter where we are in life.
4. We have a very good sense of humor.
5. We let things change us for the better.
6. We take chances.
7. Our health is important to us.
8. We encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves.
9. We love sports and having something to cheer for (which actually might just mean we are competitive and who knows if that's a good thing or not).
10. We make it through everything, together.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Write Yourself Happy- Positive Affirmations (link-up)

Today's 'Write Yourself Happy' is one my my favorite ways to take control of my thoughts when they are spiraling down the pooper. It is easy to get stuck in a rut of negative thinking and not even realize it until your mood is crappy, your outlook is depressing and all hope has left your pretty little mind.

Staying positive really can be a fight sometimes. It is a continuous work in progress to believe the best and keep the glass half full, but it can be done if we retrain our brain.

One of the things that really works for me is using positive affirmations, bible verses, quotes that resonate with me. Here are some things I do with them…

1. Pick one that reflects what you are dealing with and write it over and over again. Think about it, say it out loud and most importantly, believe it.

2. Write it on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker (or eye/lip liner).

3. Find a picture on google images with the quote/verse and set it as your background on all of your electronics.

4. If you are artistic, paint it, draw it, doodle it.

5. There are plenty of Etsy shops that specialize in typography and will take custom orders for art work. Invest in yourself and your home and buys some inspirational art with your saying on it.

Do you have any other ideas?

Here are my 5 positive affirmations……drumroll please.

1. I am beautiful inside and out, my smile attracts love in all areas of my life.

2. Something great is going to happen today!

3.  Mattnew 6:26 Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren't you far more valuable to him than they are?

4. "God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad for our greatest calling."

5. I can choose peace over this.

Come on and link up your favorite quotes, affirmations and verses. Visit other blogs and read the comments. I can't wait to read everyone else's favorites!

Write Yourself Happy

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pregnant and Skydiving

So the other night I had a very vivid dream that I was pregnant and out to lunch with an old friend when we decided to go skydiving. It was strange and extremely vivid. So much so that I found myself thinking about it all the next day.

As silly as this sounds, it was so good to spend time with her again. It was like nothing had changed and our friendship was exactly how I remembered it. We were giddy little girls who were full of belly laughs and sore cheeks.

Jumping out of the airplane was exhilarating, peaceful and relaxing. We floated down to the ground with the same sense of joy as we did catching up over lunch.  I am guessing nothing at all like jumping out of an airplane in real life because I know I would be wet from peeing my pants. Not to mention that pregnant women probably should not be jumping out of airplanes. We didn't fear the future of life. We didn't question our decisions and we weren't regretful of our past.

In my real life you would have found me feeling guilty for the lapsed time between two friends, wearing a diaper because the anxiety of jumping out of a plane would result in me losing all control of my bodily functions and throwing up everywhere due to first trimester pregnancy hormones. I would also be planning out how in the world I would provide for a third child as well as wondering when I would ever sleep again, ever.

It's life, we are human and unlike our dreams there are consequences to our actions. But dream Shannon (both asleep and awake) lives in the moment, is fearless and full of passion for every experience; not a fear, care or worry in sight.

Maybe this is why when we are hanging by a thread at the end of our rope, a good night's sleep is what we need; an escape from reality, a respite from the world's truth and inspiration to wake up with a smile on our face and a reminder on how to really live our lives.

Who knows, either way, it was a nice break from reality and a reminder of what this life is really about; enjoying the moment.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Write Yourself Happy- 5 People I Admire (link-up)

Hello lovely people!

We are back for Write Yourself Happy and I so hope you join us this week. Click here to see our schedule for April and May. We are focusing on lists because they are quick, easy and manageable for anyone. Even five minutes before bed or during your lunch break you can be utilized to change your perspective and bring some positivity to your day.

Life is what we make of it. The choices we make about our thoughts, attitudes and actions. Let's make the best of it!

5 People I Admire

1. My Mom
When I first sat down to write this, both of my parents were the first ones to come to mind. for different reasons. My mom is very compassionate, open minded and accepting of everyone. She really strives to be fair minded and is always looking out for the little guys, a true philanthropist at heart.  I think if our world were full of Connie's, it would be a much more peaceful place.

2. My Dad
My dad is the oldest of 6 kids, who of which passed away at a young age of type 1 diabetes. My dad also has type 1 diabetes (not the kind that is caused by obesity and poor eating choices but genetics) and has gone through many battles with health problems because of it. I admire him because he is coming into a new season of his life with a positive attitude. After losing two siblings, a son and numerous health obstacles,  it would be easy for a person to curl up in a hole and give up, but he isn't and I am proud.

3. Leonie Dawson
Leonie is a fantastic, crazy, tree hugging hippy that has built not just a career but an empire around being herself. She is bubbling over with childlike joy about everything. She is successful and happy and gets paid to write, teach and create. She is also fantastic at things like setting boundaries, getting shit done while still being a fantastic mama. If you haven't heard of her, check her out (even if you aren't a hippy, she still has a lot of great things to say, I promise)

4. My Grandma
The woman had 6 children in 8 years, two of which passed away in their 20's and 30's. Losing one child is enough, let alone two! She also battled diabetes and growing up she was a bit high strung but now as an adult and mother, I completely understand. The woman is deserving of some sort of monument or at least a building named after her. She died when I was in college and now I wish I could sit down over coffee and have a heart to heart with her.

5. Rachael Ray
Let's talk about another person who has made life her bitch. Rachael Ray does what she loves and has made an empire of herself. She gets paid to cook, eat, travel, and be social. I so admire her because she started in a grocery store and worked her ass off to get where she is today. She is a true inspiration for taking life by the horns and making it her own.

Write Yourself Happy

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

At least I can laugh at myself...

So, I just ran seven miles on the treadmill, in my garage, with no t.v. It was both fabulous and dreadfully awful at the same time. Fabulous because I felt great afterwards and dreadful because well, running in your garage is horrible. My mind goes to weird places and I start doing this weird running where I try to dance at the same time. It is really just awkward for everyone involved and when I say everyone I mean me and the beast dog who sits loyally staring at me at the end of the treadmill for every single second of this dreaded run.

Right around mile five I was sweating so bad it was dripping into my eyes. Clearly I need an awesome headband to sport when I run in the sticky garage. I now know this for my future runs but in the meantime  I decided to take my shirt off and tie it around my head like a headband (I didn't take a picture because you surely would stop reading my blog and besides, I didn't have a shirt on so the only picture you get is a mental one). Take note that I never stopped running in this process, that would be wasting time (again, insert mental picture).

Do you ever have those moments when you think to yourself 'What if I died like this?' That was precisely my thought as I was fist pumping at 6 mph to Katy Perry (don't judge) with an oversized t-shirt tied around your head that reads "When you're irish, it's hard to be humble". The irony in this is astounding…

What if my treadmill dance moves are too much and I lose my footing and fall? Who would find me? What the heck would they think when they saw the t-shirt tied around my head not on my body like a normal person? Would they think it was a suicide gone wrong but kind of right at the same time or maybe I was drunk just having a good time? Who the heck knows…. All I know is the only person who could tell the whole story has four legs and isn't actually a person. I wonder what Zoe would do?

The good news is, I made it off the treadmill alive. I feel great and I am proud of my MacGyver  like intuition. The bad news is, I might have some anxiety issues to deal with because I am pretty sure nothing about this story is normal.

Either way, here is some Katy Perry for you to relive the moment with me...

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Write Yourself Happy Schedule for April and May

Hello lovely people! 

I am here today to share with you our 'Write Yo'self Happy' schedule for April and May. After much contemplation, I have decided that April and May will be the season of the list.

Sometimes we don't realize that journaling can be as quick and easy as jotting your thoughts down using lists. It kind of takes the fear away from the writing process, it can be done quick and is very effective in centering yourself as well as getting to know yourself on a more intimate level.

Also, David Letterman deserves a shout out as I keep replaying his top ten segment in my head every time I sat down to write this post. So sad to see him go…

Anyway, here are the prompts!

Write Yourself Happy
April 10
List 5 people you completely admire and role model. Tell us why you love them so and what attributes are so admirable.

April 17
Write down five positive affirmations, quotes or bible verses you want to incorporate in your daily life to keep your thoughts and beliefs about yourself in check.

April 24
Write down ten things you love about your family.

May 1
List 5-10 things you love about where you live right now. Where can be your house, neighborhood, town etc. Whatever works for you.

May 8
List 5 things you love about your physical appearance.

May 15
What are your top 5 favorite family memories?

May 22
Write down 5 things you can do  next week to be more present in your life.

May 29
Think of 5 new things you want to do this summer.

Each Thursday there will be an opportunity to link up a blog post. If you aren't a blogger, leave your list in the comment section and encourage someone else on the journey.  I hope you will join us!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Back on the writing horse.

Because this is the best picture I took last week. 

That kind of sounds weird and gives me a strange mental picture but that's how we do things around here, right?

I am back. I am ready to tackle this writing world again and the human part of me has returned. It really meant a lot to me that a few of you precious little souls emailed me to ask why I hadn't written all week. I was touched that anyone besides my parents noticed and the truth is, babyland took over my freaking life. Nothing new, just the teething, temper tantrums at the library (for some reason she looooooves screaming in places where a whispering voice is expected and melting down on the floor  is definitely disruptive and frowned upon), and me not sleeping.

So here I am today writing to simply tell you hello, I am alive for the most part and ready to take over the world again ( or at least talk to you about how many reese eggs I have eaten today (4, shhhh)).

Tomorrow I will be back to make the schedule for Write Yourself Happy for April and May, so be on the lookout for that.

I have also been trying to maneuver my way through my new gluten-free lifestyle. After a series of weird health issues, I found myself at a GI specialist being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and getting used to avoiding it has been tricky for me, but that is a whole other blog post (or heck a whole new blog, hmmmmm).

Anyway, if I can get my brain on straight today I am here to start the week easy with my weekly wishes.

It's simple people.

This week, my goal is to make it through the week using the coping mechanisms I am always preaching to everyone else here. Breathe, do something fun, put myself first, smile and enjoy the little moments.

When I do get frustrated with life I need to change my scenery, change my perspective, write if I am able too (lately that has been a negative) and just laugh for what it is because an angry reaction gets me nowhere. Deep down inside I know this, but why can't I remember it in the moment?

What's your weekly wish?

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